Jessica Branning

Founder of ClinCloud Clinical Trials

Jessica Branning is a Founder of ClinCloud Clinical Trials with over 7 years of experience in patient recruitment and clinical research site operations. Prior to founding ClinCloud, she consulted with clinical research sites to develop targeted pre-screening initiatives to reduce the high screen fail burden in dementia-related trials to yield high throughput of randomized patients.

Before consulting, Jessica served as the Recruitment Manager at Bioclinica, where she implemented key recruitment and prescreening strategies that serviced the enrollment of several neurodegenerative trials and placed the company as a top enroller. Jessica believes that clinical trial sites can serve as a unique platform for educating and servicing communities on their memory care needs. She has incorporated this mentality into her clinic by building a strong network of dementia-friendly resources so that every patient feels that they have learned more about how they can better manage their dementia or care for someone with dementia.

As ClinCloud’s founder, Jessica plans to educate, promote and improve the inefficiencies of clinical trials to bring new medications, technological advances, and medical discoveries to her community and those alike.

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